Sussex Healthcare Celebrating over Two Decades of Quality Health Care

Sussex healthcare is celebrating its accomplishments and achievements that it has been able to complete for over a period of 25 years. The Sussex healthcare has been committed to providing home care services to various people with different needs such as the elderly in the society, and also those with special needs due to disabilities. Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina have led the firm. They both have skills in different fields, and they have integrated them and combined them in running the Sussex healthcare. Boghani is well known when it comes to management in the hospitality industry since he has a track record of great success and contribution towards the hospitality industry. On the other hand, Shafik has a successful background in dental Surgeon.

Therefore, the two has used their skills and experiences to ensure that the Sussex firm is vibrant and more so award-winning firm. The Sussex healthcare was initially established in 1985, and currently, the company has more than 20 homes that are in various locations. The healthcare that is provided by the Sussex Healthcare is of great quality since the caregivers that are employed to work in this company are highly qualified and with the passion for serving the humanity.

The leadership of Sussex company ensures that all its staff members are committed to their responsibilities and they can offer satisfactory services to all the patients. To ensure efficacy, the employees are provided with continuing education training since that will make them remain updated with the current trend in the healthcare industry. Besides, the patients that seek services in Sussex firm are able to have access to various leisure activities, gym centers, and other recreational activities.

In all 20 homes that operate under Sussex firm have qualified chefs that ensures the patients are getting the best diet since they maintain nutritious meals to them. Thus, patients that need to eat a special diet should not be worried because they will be catered for and maintain their dietary. In addition, Amanda Morgan-Taylor is the current appointed Chief executive officer, and she is expected to take the firm at the apex since she has a vast experience in the healthcare field.