Talk Fusion’s advancements in video conferencing.

Talk Fusion’s advancements in video conferencing.

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 by its pioneer and CEO Bob Reina. Talk Fusion offers versatile solutions to marketing problems. The idea to start up a video conferencing company hit Bob when he realized that he could not send a video through his email. He went and pitched the idea to some of his investor friends who backed him up in starting his own company. Talk Fusion was built on the backbone of one product, and that was video email. The program allowed users to custom tailor their emails to suit individual preferences. Video Email gave way to the expansion of the company. Talk Fusion developed a new product called Video Suite.

The product enhances the use of videos in emails and even goes a step further by enabling the creation of video newsletters. The product allows for the user to make personalized changes to their newsletter. The new product also allows the users to conduct live meetings or seminars that can let up to 500 people to be in attendance. Video Suite’s “Video Chat” may make Skype and FaceTime obsolete. The product does not discriminate and can be used from a wide range of devices, ranging from smartphones, PCs, tablets. The product has won various awards for the impact it has had on the technology industry.

Recently, Talk Fusion hit news outlets with the executive decision to announce an improvement in video chat. The changes have increased its efficiency in screen sharing, providing permanent chat rooms and fantastic video support. The new innovative approach is powered by WebRTC technology. The Chief Technical Officer Ryan Page offers that the improved platform will provide users with a new way of doing things plus it has enacted advanced security measures for sensitive information. Talk Fusion is also providing state of the art technology to allow its users make an enhanced audio call from any part of the planet.

The new product has a new and better interface according to Page. Bob Reina vows to continue making milestones in video chat innovations. Talk Fusion is giving its competition a run or its money. Bob also says that its enormous market appeal distinguishes it from other competitors. Talk Fusion’s vision is to help its clients reduce advertising costs tenfold, improve customer relations and retention and continuously make better initiatives in video communications technologies. Talk Fusion is a company that has been around for barely a decade, but the impact it has had on the industry puts it as a world leader in the industry.  Learn more:

Fagali’I Airport

Previously run by Polynesian airlines and the Samoan government, Fagali’I airport is a public airport in Fagali’I, Samoa. The airport has no FAA code, but it does have JATA code and an ICAO code. The JATA code is FGI, and the ICAO code is NSFI.

For a long time, the Fagali’I airport was simply Fagali’I grass strip– a basic strip of grass for planes to land on. On July 6th of 2002, Fagali’I airport was reopened after being remodeled and paved. Then, in January of 2005, it was closed due to safety concerns.

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Samoa is located in the middle of the pacific ocean, between Australia and South America. The closest well known neighbors of Fagali’I are Fiji and French Polynesia according to Travelers like to come to the tropical island for its blue waters, hikes, and the heat. Hotels in the area range from around thirty five dollars to around two hundred dollars per night. The island is extremely small, so most hotels are within a mile and a half of the airport. Most cities, even major ones, in the United states will not have flights to Samoa. The easiest way to get there is by booking a flight to Hawaii, and flying to Fagali’I airport from there. Another way to get there is by booking a flight to Tahiti, and then flying to Fagali’I from Tahiti. Airlines that operate out of Fagali’I are Polynesian airlines, Samoa Air, South Pacific Island airways, and Talofa Airlines. Due to the length of time it takes to get to Fagali’I, many people make a stop somewhere else and end up having two trips in one.

However you may choose to get to Fagali’I and its airport, the beautiful Island will not disappoint you. With pristine waters and warm temperatures, the long flight is well worth it.

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Doe Deere’s success in Her Makeup

Doe Deere is known as the beautiful “Unicorn Queen” of the makeup industry. She aspires to be different and to create products that everyone can love and enjoy. She launched her own makeup company in 2008, and called it “Lime Crime.” She was the very first female entrepreneur in 2008 to be successful in having an online company. She lives in Los Angeles, California where the magic of her makeup production takes place. Lime Crime has several different products such as, eye shadow pallets, highlighter, loose pigments, nail polish, matte lipstick, chrome lipstick, glittery lip gloss, colorful liquid liners, semi permanent hair dye, makeup brushes, and so much more.


Lime Crimes products are cruelty free and are certified vegan. Doe chose a unicorn as the mascot for “Lime Crime,” which is to represent creativity and the equality of all creatures. She always loved makeup and fairytales, so she added them together and created unique products.


In 2008 she launched Lime Crime. In order to promote her makeup, she made makeup tutorials and she used her own makeup in them. She also did giveaways and promoted her products on her blog. Then, by 2009, the success started weighing in and only propelled. Now, Lime Crime has over three million followers on Instagram and has gained a substantial amount of loyal customers.


Doe was born in Russia, but moved to New York when she was seventeen to pursue a career in fashion and design. She also joined a band while she was in New York, and that is also where she met her former husband. She also made her own clothing line called ‘Lime Crime’ and sold it on eBay. She always wanted bold colored makeup to match her outfits, but she could never find the colors she needed, so she made them. In making them, she realized that she really had a love and passion for creating her own makeup, and this is how her adventure began. She found her true passion and love for creating makeup and she has pursued it since then.


You can really see her love for fantasies and fairytales flow through her work. Each of her products have a unique name and the colors are bold and unique. In the future, Doe plans on furthering her dreams and her wildest fantasies by creating more outstanding products for everyone to enjoy.


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Choosing To Fly With The Help Of The Fagali’I Airport

The Fagali’I Airport has been in business for well over a decade, after being owned by the Polynesian government for many years. This is one of the area’s largest airports, as it allows for international and local travel. Because of the large number of people who utilize this amazing airport, it is no wonder that so many people have chosen Fagali’I Airport to do their traveling. If you feel that the Fagali’I Airport is a good choice for you, it is just a matter of booking your flight and having it ready for you when you are ready to begin your travels.

Because there are a wide variety of different airlines within the airport itself, it is a good idea for you to think about choosing Fagali’I Airport if you need to travel internationally or locally. You will also find that the Fagali’I Airport allows for booking online rather than in their departments, so it can be very cheap and easy for you to get a flight booked in a matter of just a few minutes. This is why a lot of individuals are choosing Fagali’I Airport for themselves and are finding it to be a great option for their own needs.


You will also find that the Fagali’I Airport has a range of interior amenities that will make traveling so easy. You will find that they have cafes, gift shops and restaurants that you can enjoy while waiting for your flight. The Fagali’I Airport has been undergoing multiple renovations to make it even better than it was before, so it is an airport that you’re going to find to be trustworthy and provide the best flights at the most competitive prices. Be sure to consider Fagali’I Airport if you are going to be traveling to or from Samoa according to This is an airport that is far better than most others in the area, and is one of the better choices for people who would like to travel on a budget and do not want to spend a small fortune just to be able to get to where they will need to go.

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Securus Technologies and One of Its Most Transformative Decisions To Improve Their Solutions

There are plenty of ways today to help the challenges met by those who work in corrections facilities. One of the leading and innovative companies today that deal with these issues is Securus Technologies, and right now, this group has been doing its best just to make sure that it can answer the questions raised by those who manage the jail offices.


The Acquisition of GovPayNet


One of the latest news we can hear about Securus Technologies involves the acquisition decision it made when they planned to take hold of GovPayNet. With this remarkable decision, the company can expand its platform to increase its future potentials and goals.


This is even more exciting knowing that Securus Technologies is already a leading provider of the necessary technology for prisons, and with the addition of GovPayNet, they can surely embolden their law enforcement tools, public safety tools, and government payment systems to bring about the answers to the needs of their government clients.


What Is GovPayNet?


What you probably forgot about GovPayNet is the fact that it is right now one of the leaders in the industry that offer specific solutions to the processing of credit and debit card payments in government agencies. With its platform to provide payment processing services for court fines and cash bail, many people involved in court cases could save more time and find more recourse in their problems.


Right now there are about 2,300 agencies across 35 states that enjoy the services of GovPayNet, and because of its merge with Securus Technologies, more than 26% of all the U.S. counties today will now have a chance to enjoy more of their services.


The Merge


Securus Technologies is right now one of the highly rated companies today by the and the fact that it is now a bigger platform with GovPayNet’s involvement, there’s still a lot of reasons for Americans to be hopeful regarding their current problems with the way they handle payments involving their court cases.


Indeed, one of the most transformative and instrumental decisions that have been made by Securus to evolve their products is this GovPayNet acquisition.


Daniel Taub’s Bridge of Cooperation

Daniel Taub has become recognized as one of the most successful and popular in the UK’s list of envoys from Israel. Perhaps this is in part because they can claim him to some extent as their own.

Taub’s early life was spent in the UK, and his higher education includes degrees from institutions such as Oxford and Harvard.

In 1989 Taub gave up his UK citizenship to immigrate to Israel, where the Orthodox Jew desired to raise his family. Taub’s expertise in international law, with a specialization in laws of war and counter-terrorism, enabled him to serve in various legal capacities in the government.

As a member of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, he served in both political and diplomatic positions.

As Ambassador to the Court of St. James from 2011-2015, one of Taub’s goals was to bring the two countries closer together, and the evidence reveals the great extent of his success.

Taub recognized the UK as a center of world media and finance, as well as a major player in Europe’s stability. Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

Daniel Taub sees the faith in his life as one way to build bridges. This became evident at his first meeting with the Queen when Taub, donning his traditional kippah, presented his credentials and recited the blessing appropriate for meeting a monarch. Taub took many opportunities to build strong relations between Israel and the UK.

He brought Israel’s point of view not only to the government but also to the media through many television and radio interviews and through meetings with businessmen and women, members of academia and participants in joint research. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

Even in the midst of crises such as Gaza, ISIS and continued unrest with Iran, Taub strove to thoughtfully present where the Israeli people and leadership stood, turning the emphasis to common interests such as trade and technology.

The results were a phenomenal increase in bilateral trade as well as a nomination as Grassroot Diplomat from the UK.

Daniel Taub likes to see the bright side, pointing to the ongoing peace agreements with Egypt, Jordan, the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia.

He recognizes future challenges to build and nurture relations with those governments which are quietly supportive of Israel. He also recognizes the vacuum in the fight against antisemitism.

Since leaving his position as Ambassador to the UK, Taub continues to write on Israel and the Middle East for many worldwide publications.

Jim Larkin

James Larkin was an Irish labor leader who not only fought for human rights but also ensured that workers are paid well. He was born on 21 January 1876 in Liverpool England. James Larkin’s quest for good working conditions and fair wages made him form the Irish Transport and General Workers Union (ITGWU) which later turned out to be one of the region’s largest trade union.

His main objective of forming the union was to bring workers from across England and Europe to defend their rights. As a consequence, he earned himself friends and foes in equal measures.

The formation of ITGWU marked the beginning of Irish labor movements. At this point, very few workers were part of the Union neither were they willing to join. In Dublin, most people especially the activists felt neglected and therefore needed a movement in which they could have a sense of belonging.

Jim Larkin’s role at ITGWU played a great part in putting the labor movement into the international map. He considered labor as international and therefore he wanted to ensure that the right of every worker is adhered to.

In 1913, Jim Larking organized the mother of all strikes which came to be known as the Dublin Lockout. Over 100,000 workers responded to his call to down their tools and demand for better pay and working conditions. The strike lasted for almost eight months hence forcing the government to bow down to their pressure and increase wages of all employees. The strike forced Larkin to flee to the United States for some time. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

While in the United States, Jim Larking continued with his onslaught against oppressive labor laws as well as poor working conditions. He gave lectures in various Universities and encouraged students to always fight for their rights as workers and citizens.

However, his mission did not augur well with some elements in the government which led to his deportation back to England.

In a nutshell, Jim Larkin is one of the greatest union leaders and activists of the 20th century. His pursuit for better working conditions and good pay for workers led to major reforms in the labor sector not only in the United States but the entire world.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Support Fellow Minorities

Since Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were just beginning their activist careers, they have been supporting people who do not have the means required to support themselves.

They know there are things they can do to help other people and they know they will need to do them if they’re going to continue helping people through the most difficult parts of their lives.

They have always wanted people to know they can make things easier on themselves and that’s how they’re going to put their best foot forward when it comes to the options they have. For Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, this is part of what they can do to help people and part of their ability to be activists.

When the men took the chance to make sure they were going to stand up for people, they knew it would come with risks. They knew they were putting themselves on the line to try and make it harder on other people.

They also knew they were going to need to try and help people with different things so they’d be capable of making it easier on themselves. As long as they were doing their best, they had to be prepared for the challenges that came from being activists.

There were many different things the people who worked with Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin saw. They realized the men were doing their best job possible to try and help them live a life that was both happy and content.

They also realized the men were prepared to go up against some of the big names and the big people who were trying to harm them. It was what they were doing, but they were only able to do it behind the guise of a newspaper or publication in the past.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin wanted to do something more. They wanted to be out there and on the field helping those who were in need. They decided they were going to start a foundation to help minorities. The foundation would have simple goals and it would make a lot of sense for the people who were in the business.  Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

It was going to be one of the best things most people had seen when it came to minority help. For Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, this was how they were going to make things better for the people who they were trying to help.

For as long as Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were doing business, they knew they would need to find something that would boost them to help make their foundation happen. While it was not exactly what they were looking for, being arrested by Joe Arpaio helped their case a lot.

It allowed them to have a large sum of money they could get started with. They put that into the Frontera Fund and were able to start making things easier on all the people they were trying to help with the different activist options.

Equities First Holdings Procès Its Mettle In The European Loan World

The French Tribune has been sure to help people with their loans, and they have done very well to give as many people as possible a loan that would be useful to them. This company also knows that they can get something to their customers that will be truly helpful. They do this with stock based loans where no really property is used as collateral. These loans have much lower rates, and they are much easier for people to use. Someone could get one of these loans on their own, or they could get one of these loans when they are trying to manage their investments.

Each person who wants to have the right kind of investments and cash in their pocket needs to know what they can do when they get the application in. They can go to visit this company at any time, and they feel much better knowing that this company offers such good loans, and read full article.

Israeli Real Estate Investor Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel in 1952, but moved with his family to the U.S. in 1981. After receiving an MBA degree from the University of Southern California, he began a career in the real estate industry as a sales agent. He is currently a Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties, a private real estate investment firm that he has been employed at since 2011.

Hager Pacific Properties acquires and rehabilitates multi-family homes, and the company owns and manages 100 properties throughout the country. Aside from fulfilling his responsibilities at the company, Adam Milstein also encourages and motivates aspiring entrepreneurs to focus on developing problem-solving skills that will help them be more successful in business.

Being that he is a proud person of Jewish descent, Adam Milstein co-founded the Israeli-American Council, as well as the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, which contributes to the education of Jewish students and young professionals. The aim of the foundation is to keep the students connected to their Jewish roots and to spark pride for their heritage. Adam Milstein and his wife are also involved with other organizations that promote awareness and support for those within their ethnic group, such as The Israel Project, Stand With Us and Project Interchange, and what Adam Milstein knows.

In 2016, Adam Milstein was named as one of the top ten people who have had a positive influence on the lives of the nearly one million Jewish people who live in the U.S. His Israeli-American Council is the largest organization in the country that’s geared toward promoting the educational and entrepreneurial advancement of this group. He currently lives in California in the city of Encino with his wife Gila and their 3 daughters. The successful Israeli-born American businessman and philanthropist has been involved in the world of real estate since 1983, and