Mike Heiligenstein: Building More Road Networks to Ease the Traffic Problem

Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, or CTRMA for short, is responsible for monitoring the traffic situation in Texas. Mike Heiligenstein serves as its executive director, and he is making sure that the cities in Texas, especially the larger ones like Dallas and Austin, have a good flow of traffic. However, with today’s situation wherein more people are coming into the cities bring their vehicles with them, the traffic condition in the cities around Texas is worsening, and has drawn a lot of negative reaction from commuters. It has become an everyday inconvenience, and has brought discomfort to many people. Economists are stating that these traffic jams are causing the economy billions of dollars for delayed goods and services.



One solution that Mike Heiligenstein proposed is to install computer systems inside their state’s road networks and to build new roads that could ease their problems with traffic. He believes that this futuristic approach could help alleviate the present problems that their state roads are currently facing. After he has shown his proposal, a new toll road was immediately planned to be constructed and express lanes were suggested to be opened for people who hate to come on their appointment late. They have studied the possible effectivity of this new toll road and they believe that it would decrease the traffic in Austin’s major roads. The idea was welcomed by commuters who have been complaining about the daily traffic jam that they have to face. Mike Heiligenstein also teamed up with some software creators, engineers and developers to create useful applications that can be used to track the condition of traffic in Texas, trace the entire state’s commuter lanes and forecast where a traffic jam might occur based on all available data. Aside from building new software and applications, he also turned to companies who already have working apps, to alleviate the traffic condition. One of them is Carma, who has carpooling software. Mike Heiligenstein encourages people to use the carpooling app, because he believes that by carpooling, the traffic along the streets of Austin could decrease. This solution is based on their studies that a lot of drivers still have enough room inside their car for three to four persons, and if they carpool together, thousands of vehicles could disappear from the streets of the city, creating a moving flow of traffic.Learn more : https://www.crunchbase.com/person/mike-heiligenstein#/entity



Mike Heiligenstein is also open for suggestions and comments on how to improve the condition of traffic in Texas (https://communityimpact.com/austin/news/2013/07/15/mike-heiligenstein/). A lot of ideas where given to their office, including the introduction of smart roads, where the road would directly communicate with a vehicle in order to guide them and decrease road accidents. Another would be free roadside assistance, as one of the causes of traffic jams are breakdowns that can be addressed by a simple jumpstart.Learn more : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfCSQct7ihI