For Betsy DeVos, Education Reform is about Key People in Key Positions

In 2013, during an interview with Philanthropy that focused on school choice, Betsy DeVos explained that it would take grassroots efforts and successful advocacy to make the necessary changes in the education system for school choice. Betsy DeVos understood that for change to occur key personnel had to occupy the right office to be in a position to create change. If those key persons were not in place, then organizations need to help them get elected, write the laws, and then get them passed. Once the laws are passed, that is the beginning. For the children to benefit from them, the new laws must also be implemented.


Early in the fight school choice for children, DeVos named Florida, Louisiana, and Indiana as states where efforts to offer school choice programs were successful. Florida was cited as having the most families whose children (over 50,000) were able to select the school that they would attend because of the success of the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program. Also, Louisiana and Indiana approved school choice programs with the potential to impact almost one million students. DeVos believed these programs were made possible because the organizations that she was involved with helped get the right people elected to office. She acknowledges that education is non-partisan and needs the support of both Democrats and Republicans.


Betsy DeVos has not been shy about criticizing the traditional public school system and labeling it ineffective. According to DeVos, it is because of the failing school system that parents want better choices for their children. Where tax credits, vouchers, and education savings accounts were once considered to be radical, more people are open to looking at these items. The increased interest in school choice programs and the number of states, including the District of Columbia that have publicly funded private-choice programs, Betsy DeVos is optimistic about the future of school choice. Over 250,000 students have been offered school choice, and thousands of more students are given the opportunity each year.


Today, Betsy DeVos still considers the state of Florida to be a leader when it comes to school choice. In 2017 as the Secretary of the Department of Education, DeVos visited several schools in Miami, which included CARE Elementary School. Students of CARE Elementary School are eligible for scholarships through the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program. Under the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program, individuals and corporations that donate money to organizations that provide scholarships receive tax incentives.


Having been appointed as the Secretary of the Department of Education by President Donald Trump, Betsy DeVos is now one of those key people in the right place to create education reform.


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End Citizens United Will Help All Of Us Live Better

There are many people who will find that they are not happy with the way we hold elections in America, and they need something to believe in. I have helped End Citizens United with their events, and I often read the information they have posted online. It is quite important for people to know that there is a better way to elect officials, and I hope that we share that information with as many people as possible. There are many things we do, and this article explains how we think it will make a difference.


#1: What Is End Citizens United?


The PAC is an organization that wants to change the campaign finance laws of America. They know that people who have money have an easy time getting elected, and they want to see all that money removed from government. This would end all lobby groups, and it would stop the spread of rich conservatives.


#2: How Do We Help?


There are many people like me who are helping, and we come to events because we know it makes a difference. The things that we do will help raise money, and I know that that money will go to the right places where it is needed. Someone who is attempting to create a much better life for their family must focus on things such as End Citizens United and their information campaign.


#3: Sharing Online


I share many things that have been posted by End Citizens United online, and I know that they are giving us the best information no matter what the subject is. They are posting articles about people who have been corrupted by money, and there are many more stories about how elections are becoming more lopsided. I share this to social media often because the people who read it may begin to think on it more. I have many ideas about how to help America, and End Citizens United has done a lovely job of educating me and other people like me. They give the resources I need to make a difference, and I often know just as much as my grandchildren.


There are quite a few people who will find it easy to ensure that they are learning about campaign financing through this corporation. The PAC that is known as End Citizens United will change the minds of many, and they will push Congress until they see the campaign finances laws changed. There are many people who will find it easy to learn if they click on a few links. Lives will change when we get big money out of our politics, and I hope that this is the change that people need in their lives.