Talkspace Hires A Chief Medical Officer

This year Neil Leibowitz has joined Talkspace as a chief medical officer. His role is to assist with growing enterprise business and start offering prescription medications through the Talkspace app. Leibowitz has experience as the medical director at UnitedHealth and uses his insurance knowledgebase to help with selling to other companies. Talkspace CEO Oren Frank is hoping that Leibowitz’s efforts will stand for about half of Talkspace’s revenue by the end of this year. The company was already gaining popularity for its collaboration with Magellan Health.

Another reason Frank brought in Leibowitz was so that Talkspace’s psychiatrists could prescribe medicines through video. Leibowitz himself said he was skeptical at first because the platform represented something we hadn’t seen before. He joined after learning more about the team and the product. He could clearly see that therapy is more accessible this way.

Michael Phelps Sets An Example

Michael Phelps joins Talkspace and helps to get rid of the stigma regarding mental health and the other factors that stop people from giving therapy a try. Phelps is also joining the board of advisors to assist with the mental health strategy of the company. Currently the board consists of psychologists, corporate CEOs, and industry experts.

Talkspace Welcomes The Help

Frank Oren says Talkspace is happy to be working with Michael Phelps. His experience in the subject as well as his push for research in the field will be a big help to the advisory board. With Phelps being on board it just shows his deep commitment to giving therapy a more positive image and understanding. Having him join Talkspace should be huge with breaking down barriers and convincing people to get the help they need.

Talkspace Was Created For Those In Need

Talkspace is a convenient and affordable way for organizations and individuals to get the help they need. Psychotherapy is available, all users have to do is message their therapist when they get to an electronic device. Sessions can be held on smartphones, tablets or computers. The conversations are protected with banking level encryption to keep all sessions private and confidential. Clinicians on the platform are vetted and licensed. The platform itself had been created by researchers and clinicians from top schools and health facilities.