Securus Technologies removes key tool from prison gang arsenal

Throughout the United States prison system, one of the most enduring and unique challenges that guards and administrators of the nation’s carceral institutions have had to face has been the threat posed by organized criminal gangs. Prison gangs are a nearly universal feature throughout most of the high-security penal complexes in the country. The reasons for the presence of these gangs are multifold. But it has largely been determined that allowing them to persist, while keeping a strong check on their worst excesses, is the least of all evils in running the nation’s prisons. Therefore, prison gangs like the Aryan Brotherhood, the Black Guerilla Family and the Mexican Mafia are unlikely to be going anywhere any time soon.


But the presence of these gangs has meant that prisons guards and administrators have often faced serious and difficult challenges in maintaining order and security in the nation’s prisons and jails. One of the most serious threats to have emerged over the last 20 years has been the proliferation of contraband cellphones throughout the prison system. Starting in the late 90s, cellphones reached a level of miniaturization and low price that enabled them to be bought for just a few dollars and then easily smuggled into the country’s corrections institutions.


This posed a serious enough threat just based on the ability of inmates to completely circumvent the secure prison communications systems, thereby making illegal calls and potentially furthering criminal conspiracies. But the real existential threat to the country’s prison system came from the phones falling into the hands of gang leaders.


Unlike the ragtag street gangs of wannabe thugs engaging in petty crime that many people think of when they hear about gang activity, prison gangs are more resembling of an old-style Mafia family. Far from young punks, prison gang leaders are often highly intelligent, well-read and as ruthless as the most famous Mafia figures. Prison gangs are usually modeled on a military-style hierarchy, requiring their members to maintain certain levels of physical fitness and combat readiness. And unlike street gangs, who frequently engage in pointless fighting and undisciplined violence, prison gangs typically have one singular goal: maximizing profits.


These things mean that prisons gangs often act more like highly efficient corporations than loose bands of hoodlums. This can make them supremely dangerous to the safety of penal institutions and the public. Prison gangs have been known to use cellphones to order the intimidation of witnesses, to threaten prosecutors and law enforcement and to murder prison staff.


Now, Securus Technologies is working to spread adoption of its Wireless Containment System, a device capable of shutting down nearly 100 percent of illegal cellular calls from inside prisons. Securus says that its WCS has the potential to permanently remove illegal cellphones from the toolkit of ruthless criminal gangs.


Securus Technologies and One of Its Most Transformative Decisions To Improve Their Solutions

There are plenty of ways today to help the challenges met by those who work in corrections facilities. One of the leading and innovative companies today that deal with these issues is Securus Technologies, and right now, this group has been doing its best just to make sure that it can answer the questions raised by those who manage the jail offices.


The Acquisition of GovPayNet


One of the latest news we can hear about Securus Technologies involves the acquisition decision it made when they planned to take hold of GovPayNet. With this remarkable decision, the company can expand its platform to increase its future potentials and goals.


This is even more exciting knowing that Securus Technologies is already a leading provider of the necessary technology for prisons, and with the addition of GovPayNet, they can surely embolden their law enforcement tools, public safety tools, and government payment systems to bring about the answers to the needs of their government clients.


What Is GovPayNet?


What you probably forgot about GovPayNet is the fact that it is right now one of the leaders in the industry that offer specific solutions to the processing of credit and debit card payments in government agencies. With its platform to provide payment processing services for court fines and cash bail, many people involved in court cases could save more time and find more recourse in their problems.


Right now there are about 2,300 agencies across 35 states that enjoy the services of GovPayNet, and because of its merge with Securus Technologies, more than 26% of all the U.S. counties today will now have a chance to enjoy more of their services.


The Merge


Securus Technologies is right now one of the highly rated companies today by the and the fact that it is now a bigger platform with GovPayNet’s involvement, there’s still a lot of reasons for Americans to be hopeful regarding their current problems with the way they handle payments involving their court cases.


Indeed, one of the most transformative and instrumental decisions that have been made by Securus to evolve their products is this GovPayNet acquisition.


The journey of Rick Smith in Securus

CEO Rick Smith is an internationally known tech executive who is also an accomplished investor. He took over as the president of Securus Technologies on June 23rd, 2008. Rick is an expert in technology who has served in several administrative capacities. Among the positions he has held, Rick has served in business development, accounting departments, IT, operations and management. Rick was the head of Eschelon Telecom for almost nine years. Under his leadership, the revenue of Eschelon rose from $3 million to more than $350 million. The earnings before interest, tax, and depreciation of the company also increased to nearly $80 million. After the strong increase in revenue, Rick guided the company to a profitable Initial public offering in 2005. As the CEO of Securus, Rick carries the responsibility of daily operations of inmate technology solution giant. He also contributes to the execution of expansion strategies of Securus Technologies. During his leadership, the firm invested more than $600 million in the advancement of technology solution it offers to its clients. He also aided in entering a strategic partnership with major service providers in corrections markets. He has also guided the company in licensing many innovative tech solutions.

During his time in the company, Rick Smith Securus promoted a culture of entrepreneurship and teamwork within the company. The professionals in Securus work around the clock to ensure they develop products that ensure smooth operations of correctional agencies. As such, Securus has gained millions of clients. Among them are correctional facilities, incarcerated people, their close relatives, and other public safety entities. Visit for more info.

Securus maintains a close association with its customers. The relationship has enabled it receives high ratings and positive comments from its long-term customers. In correctional facilities, the officers have praised Securus for the ability of their tools to monitor activities within prison which have helped in fighting crimes. Rick has also introduced video calls with Securus; they will ensure everyone who calls can see the inmate. Video cameras have been used using the cameras installed in prisons. Rick’s vision for the future is to see the company expand to all prisons in America. His vision is easy to respect since he has helped many people reach their families. Securus is a big company that is continuing to grow. Rick is ready to face any challenges with determination similar to one that made him a great businessman.


Being in the tech industry, Rick has strived to remain up to date with the latest trends in the industry. He pursues short professional courses, and he also attends educational conferences on a regular basis. He graduated with his first engineering degree from the Buffalo-based University of New York. He later registered at the state University of New York where he obtained his advanced engineering degree. He later acquired an executive MBA from the University of Rochester. After joining Rochester Institute of Technology, he added an associate’s degree. Read more on about Rick Smith Securus.

Securus Technologies – Helping Keep Communities Safer Through Advanced Technology

Even though the business of offering high-end technology to the prison and the law enforcement agencies is now much crowded than it was several years ago, one of the companies that have made a tremendous impact in the field is Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies continues to make groundbreaking and highly advanced products and services that not only helps with crime prevention and investigations but also helps the inmates to communicate easily with the friends and relatives.


It makes their lives easier and ensures that they can stay in contact with their loved ones during their time in the prison. Moreover, the advanced services like video visitation and money transfer ensure that the prisoners can see their family and friends more often and receive money from them almost instantly. It is these services that have helped the prison world to become technologically advanced and make incarceration experience modernized and sophisticated.


Securus Technologies have a very clear business mechanism that has helped it get closer to its customers and understand their problems and issues better. The company believes that understanding the customers better helps them build technology that solves these problems. In a press release the company released recently, it showcased many comments from the letters sent by the law enforcement and prison officials. The comments showed how the crime prevention and law enforcement fraternity feels about the products and services offered by Securus Technologies.


As one of the high-ranking law enforcement officials, I have used the services provided by Securus Technologies on many occasions and found it to be extremely helpful. Its LBS and Investigation PRO services make it easier for the law enforcement officials to get the information they need to keep monitoring the mischievous elements in prison and the community and prevent any crimes beforehand. It keeps the criminal activity in the community in check and helps promote safer community and environment for the civilians.