How Hussain Sajwani Succeeded In The Middle East Property Development Industry

Hussain Sajwani is an internationally recognized businessman from Dubai. He is the creator and chairman of DAMAC Properties, an international property development company that he established in the early 2000s after working as a contract manager in GASCO, an oil company under the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company.

Before the establishment of DAMAC Properties, Hussain Sajwani was dedicated to helping others succeed. He was supporting his parents in growing their family business where his father owned a shop that sold watches and other goods imported from China. He started gaining experience at a young age and noting the importance of risk-taking. Later on, he won the government scholarship to study in the US. During his years in the US as a student in the University of Washington, Hussain Sajwani was working as a property salesman for timeshare apartments. He later graduated with a degree in Economics, and Industrial Engineering then decided to earn money by himself.

The DAMAC owner knows the importance of having relevant experience, so he worked for two years in the finance department of a large company where he was responsible for payment processing. He then decided to start his own company so that he can earn more. The was when he decided to start a catering company in 1982 and the company that grew fast and became the leader in the market with more than 200 successful projects and 150,000 meals ordered daily. The company still exists and has expanded to the international market. Later own, Hussain Sajwani saw an opportunity in the real estate sector and started DAMAC Properties.

The DAMAC owner joined the real estate business by developing small hotels and later grew to the point of developing huge towers in the heart of Dubai. The massive vision of the founding fathers of UAE was the motivation that led Mr. Sajwani to develop DAMAC Properties. Since its creation, DAMAC Properties has grown in service provision to international markets with projects in the UK and other Countries in the Middle East. The company has more than 2000 employees and has completed development of more than 17,900 homes as well as 44,000 units.

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Alastair Borthwick: A Scribe With A Pen, A Soldier With A Gun

Alastair Borthwick, the famous Scottish Journalist, and broadcaster are also remembering because of his work on two different books. These books have maintained their classic stature up to date. Alastair was born in 1939 at Rutherglen in Scotland. He lived in Troon as a child and later moved to Glasgow to join high school. After reaching 16 years of age, Alastair Borthwick joined Glasgow Herald and worked as the copy receiver from different correspondents who were calling in. He rose to be an editor of some of the feature pages that appeared on Glasgow Herald.

His involvement with Open Air page thrust him to the Glasgow’s growing hillwalking and climbing scene. This assisted to write articles that anchored on Glasgow and Clydebank’s working class that was venturing into the highlands especially on the weekends.

In a move considered in journalistic career terms as big, Alastair Borthwick joined the Daily Mirror. However, life in London was not as pleasing as Alastair would have expected. He opted to move back to Glasgow but this time around, as a BBC radio correspondent.

He published a collection of many pieces dubbed Always a Little Further. It was initially meant for Glasgow Herald. His publisher was apprehensive of the move because of the eccentric approach is taken by the book. However, T.S. Eliot insisted on the publication, and the book has been in circulation ever since.

Alastair joined the 5th (Caithness & Sutherland) Battalion during the WWII as an intelligence officer. His company, the Seaforth Highlanders fought in North Africa, Germany, Holland, Sicily, Italy, and France. After the way, he was requested to write a book about the Battalion history, and it was published in 1946.

When the war became over, Alastair Borthwick (@AlastairBorthw1) and his wife moved to Jura from Glasgow where he continued broadcasting for BBC, fishing, and crofting. In 1952, he moved to Islay but returned to Glasgow to help with organizing Scotland’s input into the Festival of Britain. He later moved to television and produced 150 half-hour programs for Grampian Television on various topics. He moved to Ayrshire before moving to a nursing home five years before he passed away in 2003.

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Organo Gold Celebrates Coffee Culture Around The World

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee in the morning to start their day? On a hot summer’s day, the only thing to quench your thirst is an delicious ice coffee or frappuccino. Coffee is not just a drink now, but a whole culture within society. Coffee culture is synonymous with the Northwest. It even branches out into Canada. The culture is so diverse within itself. A big coffee chain helped the trend come to life and everyone knows and loves them. Starbucks originated in Seattle, WA, but has now branched out to locations all over the world. They coined the term for coffee houses the “third place.” It’s not home, neither work, it is a place in between the two.

The culture of coffee is kicking up a notch. Coffee shops all over the United States are now roasting their own coffee beans, making signature drinks, and customizing everything. The world of generic has gone out the door and has been replaced with quality handcrafted coffee and tea beverages. It is becoming a serious art form. Organo Gold is a part of the growing coffee culture. They have a number of delicious coffee and tea products you can make at home. They also make personal care and supplement products. It all started in 2008 by Bernardo Chua.

The successful entrepreneur and businessman wanted to create a company where everyone could benefit from it. You won’t find Organo Gold is stores around the world, but it’s sold by independent distributors. The biggest factor that makes Organo Gold’s products so unique is that they contain Ganoderma. This mushroom extract contains many powerful health benefits that are good for the body. The company is built on edification, unity, and loyalty making them an excellent company to join. They really encourage their independent distributor to really own their entrepreneurial spirit and success. Organo Gold is sold in many countries all over the world. Organo Gold continues to branch out with new products for consumers to enjoy. Learn More.

What Shervin Pishevar Has to Say About Bitcoin

Shervin Pishevar makes it his business to understand what’s going on in the economy. As a founder of Virgin of Hyperloop and as a venture capitalist, his reputation is at stake. In February, he created a tweet storm to discuss a variety of things, including the future of bitcoin.

On several occasions, Shervin Pishevar has said that the future is in digital currencies. While he still believes this, he also thinks that it is not the right time for Bitcoin.

Inflation is spreading and stock markets are crashing. While this is going on, it’s leading to a systemic economic stasis. This will, in turn, cause gold to rise. This will also cause Bitcoin to crash.

Will bitcoin stay crashed? Not according to Shervin Pishevar. He feels that Bitcoin will stabilize over the next 24 months and then have a more stable rise. When this happens, bitcoin will be here to stay.

When bitcoin finally stabilizes out, it can help to launch a new tech wave. He feels that there is a tectonic shift brewing in Silicon Valley, too. The Valley has lost some of its competitive edge and it’s not as innovative as it once was. This is causing a number of problems, including the instability of the bitcoin. After all, if the fintech companies cannot gather enough steam to charge ahead, where does that leave bitcoin?

The good news is that bitcoin is likely going to stabilize somewhere in the 2 to 5k mark, according to Shervin Pishevar.

Bitcoin could still be a good investment. However, it needs to be purchased at a point where it’s at its lowest. He doesn’t believe that it’s there yet. That means that anyone who has been thinking of buying into this digital currency should wait a bit. Once it does drop, it’s only a matter of time before it goes back up, and at a stabilized level.

Ryan Seacrest, The Entertainer, The Philanthropist, The Man

Ryan Seacrest was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1974. At an early age, he enjoyed listening to the radio. He was fascinated with making show tapes and performing home shows for his family. He attended Dunwoody High School and became their regular morning public address announcer and the “Voice of Dunwoody High School. In his junior year he landed an internship at Atlanta pop music station WSTR-FM. His radio career was launched from here and in the mid 1990’s Rayan launched a mid-day radio show called Ryan Seacrest for the Ride Home. This show became so popular that in 2003 Ryan was able to turn the show into a syndicated program called On Air with Ryan Seacrest. The following year he became host of American Top 40. To this day, he still continues of have a radio presence. He still hosts his On Air with Ryan Seacrest and the American Top 40.

Presently, while holding preeminent positions in both nationally syndicated and local radio shows, as well as positions in cable television and broadcasting, Ryan can find the time in his busy schedule to join the Emmy-winning day time show Kelly and Ryan as permanent co-host to Kelly Ripa. And that’s not all. Recently, Ryan Seacrest has accepted a position as the host of the music competition reality series American Idol when it returns to television for the shows first season on ABC in spring of 2018.

Ryan (@RyanSeacrest) is not just a showbiz celebrity, he also has his own brand. Ryan Seacrest Distinction is his leading menswear lifestyle brand. He founded the brand in 2014. It is celebrated for its classic and iconic look and contemporary style. The brand sells all types of products. They are known for their clean tailored clothing line, classy accessories, sophisticated outerwear, sweaters, pants and more. The brand is available exclusively at and in Macy’s physical stores nationwide.

To feed his philanthropic character, Ryan created the Ryan Seacrest Foundation (RSF). This is his non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. His mission is to inspire today’s youth through entertainment and education focused initiatives. His organization builds Seacrest Studios broadcast media centers in pediatric hospitals across the nation.

Ryan Seacrest is involved in various segments of radio and media. He has built an empire that branches into all spectrums of entertainment. He has a distinguished fashion brand owner and is a well-known entertainer and philanthropist.

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Working To Be Better: Steve Ritchie

Steve Ritchie is a man who worked hard to get where he is today. He is the current CEO of Papa John’s Pizza. The company is the third largest pizza delivery service in the world. Steve Ritchie started at the bottom and worked his way up over that years. He began as a pizza delivery and now heads the company that he started with. He started his position earlier this year and is eager to get to work making Papa John’s Pizza great again. The first thing that he wanted to do was go out and meet the people.

On his Bloomberg profile, it mentioned that Steve Ritchie is a man who wanted to see from the ground up how to make Papa John’s better. He went on a tour of franchises around the country to see what the franchisees experience and what they need. Steve Ritchie visited five big cities in the United States in order to take the time to listen to the people that work there. He even came up with a mantra called PAPA. This stands for People Are Priority Always. This mantra helps him stay grounded in the business that he is in. For him, people are his first and only focus when it comes to the pizza business.

Steve Ritchie Papa John’s went to cities like Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Detroit. He took the time to listen to the owners and received a myriad of responses. Some franchisees consider the teams that work with them to be a part of their families while others have had difficult times with customers as of late. The franchisees also told Steve Ritchie how proud they are about being a part of Papa John’s and making the brand better in the process. Steve Ritchie feels optimistic that Papa John’s can turn the corner and start anew with customers.

Steve Ritchie feels that by taking the time to listen to the people of Papa John’s he can make the company better. By putting people first he is well on his way to doing just that. Steve Ritchie believes that it will be better in the long run. Yahoo Finance posted an article about Ritchie’s apology here.

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The Business Success of Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani launched the DAMAC Foundation, a CSR unit of his company DAMAC properties. The Foundation recently sponsored the One Million Coders Foundation that is part of the Dubai Future Foundation. The foundation was launched by the prime minister and the deputy president of the UAE to provide the youth in the Arabic nations with training in the area of software development. Hussain Sajwani is passionate about this cause since his vision for the Arabic nations is a surge into technology. This is just one of the causes that DAMAC Foundation supports.

Who is Hussain Sajwani?

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani is a 65-year-old Emirati living in Dubai. He is known for his association with the United States President Donald Trump who recently commissioned his company DAMAC Properties to be in charge of the golf course project started by the president in the Middle East. The project seeks to build three golf courses that were designed by the famous Tiger Woods and run by the administration of President Donald Trump. Sajwani is also known for his company called DAMAC Properties that is worth billions of dollars.

About DAMAC Properties

DAMAC Properties was founded in 2002 by real estate investor Hussain Sajwani. It is one of the most prominent property development companies in the entire Middle East. So far, the company is responsible for the development of more than twenty thousand apartments. The company also owns more than forty-five units that are all under different phases of expansion. The company has also partnered with the Italian Fashion mogul called Versace to build their luxurious stores. DAMAC has also built luxurious villas for the Fendi and Bugatti brand as well as the Paramount company for Hotels and Resorts.

Hussain Sajwani before DAMAC properties

Hussain Sajwani formerly worked at the Abu Dhabi Finance Industries where he was situated at the finance department. In the year 1983, he began his own catering business that catered in the military camps and Bechtel. The money he made working this business played a great role in the establishment of DAMACX properties. This business still runs under the name Global Logistics Services. Gulf Business named Husain Sajwani 2017 most influential Arab globally among 99 other businessmen. Watch his video on YouTube.

Fortress Investment Group and SoftBank

SoftBank came was founded almost 40 years ago. Since then, the organization has had one focus after the other. With all these, the organization has been able to grow as well as becoming more prosperous. SoftBank just bought Fortress Investment Group in a deal of $3.3 billion. Fortress Investment Group is an organization that focuses on investment management. Fortress Group is the leading organization in this sector across the world.

With the acquisition, this is another development direction for SoftBank. Though the transaction was costly on the side of SoftBank, this will not bring many changes when it comes to how Fortress Invest group is going to run its operations. SoftBank will not have control over how the company operates. In addition to this, Fortress Investment will not change its headquarters from New York. This came up because of the regulatory hurdles that made SoftBank agree to stay far from Fortress’s operations.

It is a fantastic story when the history of these two companies is considered. Masayoshi Son established SoftBank. He came up with his company in 1981, and the company was focusing on PC software wholesale. When it came to the 1990s, the company changed its business direction and started focusing on publishing computer magazines as well as computer trade shows. In 1996, the organization made a fortune development when it bought a larger share of sticks in Yahoo. From this moment, the company has developed as well as evolving considerably over the years. At the moment, SoftBank has shares in over 400 different internet organizations. In addition to this, the organization has built for itself a name when it comes to funding tech startups. However, with the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group, SoftBank is ready to get into the investment management industry. To know more about the company click here.

Fortress investment group has been around for over 20 years with most of his services taking place in New York. The organization came into being through Randal Nardone, the CEO of the company. He partnered with Wes Edens who currently serves as a co-chair. For the last 20 years, the company has been running as a global investment manager, and it has assets worth $40 billion under its control. The assets belong to individual investors including organizational clients. SoftBank is a foreign organization, and it had to go through the Committee on Foreign Investment oversight that only made SoftBack sign the deal after agreeing to get less concerned on how Fortress runs its operations.

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The Contribution of Organo Gold to the Current Wave of Coffee Consumption

Coffee culture is described on Wikipedia as a social atmosphere that has the stimulant coffee as the main unifying factor. Basically, the “culture” is half coffee consumption and half the interactions that happen during coffee consumption gatherings.

To help give a better understanding of the culture, coffee buffs across the country break the history of their obsession with the stimulant into three primary generations – the first, second and third waves of coffee consumption. Each generation epitomizes a style of brewing and drinking that was popular among coffee drinkers of different times over the centuries.


The First Wave of Coffee Consumption

The first wave lasted almost two centuries between the 1800’s and late 1980’s. It is during this era that instant coffee was invented. This came about when Satori Kato, a Japanese American discovered coffee concentration by applying the tea dehydration process on coffee before patenting it.

The Second Wave of Coffee Consumption

This period of the coffee consumption evolution process focused more on improving the taste and quality of coffee. There was, however, much more to this wave than just revamping the flavor of the then everyone’s favorite beverage. It is during this period that terms like espresso, French press, latte an macchiato became known in America. Starbucks and other popular coffee shops that started in the 70’s are hugely credited for the growth and expansion of this wave.

The Third Wave of Coffee Consumption

The third and current generation of coffee consumption is primarily about appreciation of the drink. It is centered more on quality and value rather than the commercial aspect of coffee. Ability to trace the origin and other typically trivial details such as roasting method are highly appreciated among coffee buffs in this wave.

If you’re a coffee aficionado and haven’t tried Organo Gold’s Gourmet Organic King of Coffee, then you still have some reassessing to do. Try the King of Coffee today and appreciate a whole new side to your favorite drink.

Jose Auriemo Neto Takes JHSF To High-End Markets

The real estate sector in Brazil is booming. The country is among the fastest developing nations in the world. As such, it has many areas such as real estate, consumer business, and financial services are spearheading this growth. In the lucrative real estate sector, JHSF continues to do wonders. The premier firm engages in large-scale projects such as the construction of world-class hotels, big airports, luxurious residential estates and modern shopping malls among other projects. The firm has its significant activities in Brazil and continues to expand into the United States and Uruguay. Since the firm was founded, it has focused on the development of real estate projects. This has made it master the art of being the market leader in the sector. One of the most notable projects the firm has developed is 815 on Fifth Avenue in New York City. The firm also developed a residential condominium Las Piedras in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

One person is responsible for the growth of this firm. His name is Jose Auriemo Neto. He happens to be the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the company. Since he took over the helm of the firm at a tender age, the legendary CEO has proved that he has what it takes to steer the company towards its growth. Perhaps, the astute executive will go on record as the person who took the firm to the high end and the luxurious real estate market. One of such projects was the development of the extensive Cidade Jardim Shopping Complex in Sao Paolo. That is not all. He has been at the forefront in the construction of Bela Vista in Salvador, and the Ponta Negra shopping mall in Manaus.

Mr. Auriemo Neto went to Fundacao Armando Alvarez Penteado (FAAP), Sao Paolo. In this premier academic institution, he acquired a degree and started working at JHSF. He served with a lot of passion demonstrating his innovative and leadership skills. He was instrumental in the creation of the firm’s first service department where he established the parking lot management division. It was such a tremendous achievement. These and many other flagship projects made him rise through the ranks and become the CEO.