Bainbridge Group Investment Consultant Igor Cornelsen

During the time he spent as the manager of some of the biggest banks in the South American country of Brazil, Igor Cornelsen was responsible for handling a large portion of that nation’s gross economy and was considered one of the top bankers there. After leaving the banking industry, he started an investment business, through which he helps beginning traders with long-term investment strategies by giving them advice on the best types of stocks to buy and sell in order to get better returns. He encourages first time investors to put their funds in Brazilian banks and in countries like China, which is the country’s top trading partner.

Igor Cornelsen runs Bainbridge Investments, which is based in the Bahamas, and he sometimes works as a consultant for the banking industry. One of the things that he advises his clients to do are to be careful not to put their money in companies that are experiencing any kind of financial problems, but to instead invest in and sell stocks that are declining or damaged, because these types of stocks are usually cheaper to buy and will increase when the market becomes more stable. He has additionally given his expert advice to executives at several successful businesses or franchises such as Burger King, which has benefited a great deal from his insight.

He has provided those who are new to playing the market and are thinking about investing in his home country of Brazil with 3 important tips: 1. Connect with the locals of the country for the purpose of learning about their experience in business. 2. Be prepared for governmental red tape like strict regulations and extravagant taxes. 3. Develop a good understanding of foreign currency and exchange in order to be aware of which business transactions may be restricted. The married former banker and financial expert lives in his native Brazil for a portion of each year but mostly resides at his home in the US, which is located in Florida. Igor Cornelsen is on a number of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and the business professional website Linked In.