The Everyday Woman’s Review of EOS Lip Balm

It’s hard to find a review made by the everyday woman. Most reviews come across robotic and as if a salesmen is pitching his product. However, after browsing EOS review videos, I came across one made by your regular run of the mill woman. This review was posted by nerdbeautylove.

This review was done on the Summer Fruit EOS Lip Balm. To begin, we see that the first thing to strike this young lady is the visual appearance of the container. The user was confused at the mark on the side of the container and thought it was meant to be pressed to open. However, she reviews, that it is actually meant to be twisted off. With that out the way, the focus on the video shifts to how great the shape is and the lovely red/orange color of the outside container. She also enjoyed the smell and feel of this lip balm. A large amount of this video was on the format of the actual container stating that the egg shape container gave it a friendly appeal. This lip balm was reviewed to have a smoothness that no other lip balm has; which, of course makes it stand out against other lip products. It is also noted that EOS is labelled on the top and bottom of this lip balm container.

The reviewer recommends this product and even directs watchers over to the EOS website to purchase the product.