Jeremy Goldstein and his involvement with the fountain house

A legal practitioner, Jeremy Goldstein works at the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC where he is a partner. This is a boutique law company involved in advising management teams, CEOs, corporations and compensation committees in matters of corporate governance. Before establishing his own company, Jeremy worked at another law firm based in New York. He has in the past involved himself in numerous big corporate transactions. These include the acquisition of Goodrich through the United Technologies. He has also worked with the Bank of America Corporation, Verizon Wireless, Philips Petroleum Company, and many others. Jeremy Goldstein serves as the chair of the American Bar Association’s Mergers & Acquisition subcommittee.

A seasoned speaker, Jeremy Goldstein frequently speaks and writes on issues concerning executive compensation and corporate governance. Chambers USA Guide has listed him as one of the leading lawyers in executive compensation. Jeremy has an extensive background in education, and it has greatly contributed to his success as an attorney. He attended the prestigious New York University School of Law and attained a JD. Jeremy is also an alumnus of the University of Chicago where he acquired a BA cum laude. At the Cornell University, he attained distinctions in every subject. Jeremy Goldstein also serves at the NYU Journal of Law and Business as a member of its Professional Advisory Board.

Jeremy Goldstein is involved with the Fountain House where he is a member of its Board of Directors. Fountain House is an organization that is committed to the recovery of women and men suffering from mental illness. The main aim of the organization is to fight the stigma that comes with mental illness. Fountain House has established an Associates Scholarship Ward Fund. This fund awards scholarship each year to two members of the Fountain House whose education has in one way or another been hindered by their mental illness.


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