Sightsavers Chosen to Lead UK Aid Consortium

Sightsavers is a non-governmental organization that operates internationally to treat and offer prevention of blindness. They operate in mostly developing countries and work with individuals who have visual impairments. Sightsavers also aid individuals with other impairments as well. The organization is based in Hayward Heath which is in the United Kingdom. It also has branches in Ireland, the United Arab Emirates, Norway, Italy, India, Sweden, and the United States. The organization was founded back in 1950 by Sir John Wilson, and originally bore the name British Empire Society for the Blind.


Sightsavers celebrated its one billionth treatment for NTD’s in December of 2017. Earlier this year it was announced that the organization would head a consortium of aid organizations in administering £13 million of UK aid to Kenya, Nigeria, Bangladesh, and Uganda. The consortium is called UK Aid Connect and will be dedicated to supporting disabled individuals. This support will be in the form of job finding and will be at the center of a six-year programme.

Sightsavers will lead the consortium and provide 100,000 disabled individuals access healthcare, 10,000 disabled children attend school, and around 45,000 disabled individuals increase their income. It is a massive endeavor and one that Sightsavers is more than equipped to lead. In the span of its 65 years of service, Sightsavers has distributed treatment to more than 295 million people. Fighting against causations of blindness and saving people’s sight. It has carried out 6.1 million cataract operations to restore sight.


The consortium made up UK Aid includes Sightsavers, ADD International, the International Disability Alliance, and the Institute of Development Studies. The programme will also partner with Standard Chartered Bank, BBC Media Action, Youth Career Initiative, Development Initiatives, Humanity and Inclusion UK, and Benetech. Together they will assist individuals with numerous disabilities to increase the quality of life. The Aid will also benefit the economy around them, helping the developing countries it takes place in as well.

Freedom Checks Is The Legimate Investment Most People Ignore

Freedom checks stink with the stench of sketch, but are ripe with the profit of investment. Those that have ventured a taste have found a delicious little investment, one that can be overlooked if one does not know where to look. Luckily, Matt Badiali has a talent for sniffing out good investments, something he works hard to do. His projections always bring in good returns because he physically goes to natural resource companies and inspects them. Freedom checks are no different than any other investment he advocates, and the legitimate investment behind them is proof.

Freedom checks stem from what is known as a MLP, or master limited partnership. This partnership is used by corporations to drum up capital. The tradeable quality of MLPs also allow the company to behave as though it were a publicly traded partnership. The only requirement an MLP has is that 90% of profit get returned to investors. This allows for only 10% to actually be taxed, which in of itself is a remarkable tax cut. This means the other 90% goes to stakeholders. They are referred to as return of capital payments, and they arrive in monthly to quarterly installments. The good news is that this has all the markings of real investment. Much like stocks, the MLP stakes hold a percentage of the company. The payout received matches the percentage so just like in traditional investing, the higher the investment the larger the percentage.

Over 500 natural resource companies in the U.S. take part in MLPs, and Badiali is projecting that those companies will be getting a huge boost in profits. This is due to the declining rate of Middle Eastern oil the U.S. is taking in. This means these companies will have even larger revenue so the smallest of investment will more than double the amount put in. This is why Badiali is aggressive in his freedom checks campaign. He wants people to cash in before it is too late.

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