Professor Kamil Idris Mantains That Promoting Intellectual Property Rights Boost Economic Growth

Professor Kamil Idris, a Sudanese national and scholar, is famously known for the time he served as director general for World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). He has also vied as an independent candidate for the Sudan presidential elections in 2010. The man of great international achievements, Kamil Idris, attained his Ph.D. in International law from Geneva University and is a holder of LLB honors from the University of Khartoum. He has several other doctoral law degrees from 19 other universities.


Kamil Idris became the third serving director general for WIPO from 1982 and was reappointed in 2003 to serve a second term which expired in 2008. Before this, he had served inside the United Nations in Sudan where he acquired his proficiency. At the united nations, he was part of an African Union group that was in charge of dealing with issues affecting transportation of goods within countries. In his vast understanding of intellectual property, professor Kamil was in a position to elucidate how a country’s intellectual growth solely depends on the rules made to protect IP.


In his message on world intellectual property day, He argues that without IP rights, technologies created to counter problems affecting developing countries would never be known. Kamil says that even things like sports that unite humanity and create entertainment would never be broadcasted in homes worldwide. Having worked in the role of director general for WIPO, he was determined to use intellectual property as a way of spreading the power of creativity so that every individual regardless of their country or community would share in enjoying the fruits of innovation.


The Sudanese statesman supports the idea of making laws that give inventors of something the exclusive right to use it. According to his articles, Kamil thinks that this would promote creativity and economic growth. He mentions the weight of Intellectual property by pointing out the ongoing trade war between China and the United States. The two giants are at loggerheads because Chinese manufacturers took ideas from manufacturers in the US creating mimic goods and are selling them globally at lower prices forcing the original products out of the market. For this reason, the US under the trump administration wants to impose very high tariffs on Chinese exports to propel the Chinese government towards setting their IP protections.

Sean Penn Steps Into the Literary World with Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

The actor Sean Penn has always been a vocal and dynamic supporter of a number of social causes. Social justice and equality have been closely linked to the two-time Academy Award winner for years. Which is all to say, the volatile Penn has always had an opinion and he’s never shied away from sharing it. At times, he’s appeared quite proud of this reputation for provocation and controversy. Why else would a successful actor seek out interviews with the likes of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez or the notorious drug lord El Chappo? Controversial figures aside, Penn was also an early and tireless crusader for earthquake-ravaged Haiti, creating the J/P Relief Organization to fund and enable ongoing relief efforts.


Penn has now funneled all that energy into writing. His first novel, as complex and intriguing as the actor himself, was released this past spring and is entitled Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. The title alone should be an indication of the circuitous and fascinating journey readers can expect. It is the story of septic-tank salesman Bob Honey, who happens to spend his free-time as a paid assassin for the U.S. government, told with Penn’s own brand of sardonic humor and irony.


The novel, born out of the 2016 election, alludes to certain real-life figures and movements, such as President Trump and #MeToo, but Penn has taken pains to remind readers that it is, in fact, fiction. “I think, we’re in a sad state where fiction is attributed to opinion … where fiction can’t be just read as it is.” That seems to be his way of saying ignore the controversies and let the story take you on a ride.


Penn dictated most of the novel, writing the rest in long-hand, and he enjoyed the process so much, free from the interference inherent in the collaborative world of film-making, he is already contemplating a follow-up. Penn used the freedom of fiction to place Bob Honey’s sometimes amoral actions into the context of an American society rapidly changing, and, whatever criticisms may come, Penn is aware that those opinions are the reflections of that person, not his own work. The novel is on bookshelves now.


Jose Auriemo Neto Keeps the Construction Business and the Retain Pursuits At Their Peak

JSHM is one of the oldest and highly performing real estate companies in Brazil. It was established in 1972. The company was started by two brothers in the name of Fabio Auriemo and Roberto Auriemo. It was established in the City of Sao Paulo. It is reported that the Auriemo-brothers had a dream of building their company into a leading outfit in Brazil. The dream encouraged them to include two more partners for purposes of raising the required capital to grow the construction company.

The Growth Path

Indeed, as dreamt and planned by the founders, JSHM underwent growth at a fast pace and had started engaging in major projects by 2001. They then decided to introduce the idea of malls in their business line. The project was highly successful with Cidade Mall being their flagship retail outlet that encouraged the management to invest more in the business.

Jose Auriemo Neto; His Business Responsibilities

Jose Auriemo Neto is the Chief Executive Officer and chairman of JHSM Participacoes, SA. He is an experienced businessman and a successful investor in real estate. His company specializes in the construction of residential and commercial premises in Brazil. Jose Auriemo Neto carries many responsibilities on his shoulder as the CEO of JHSM. He is the one that oversees the general growth of the company, which means that he has to build relationships with stakeholders in the industry including suppliers and government agencies for a smooth flow of construction activities. He is also in charge of a wide range of business interests of the firm, including Cidade Shopping Mall.

The Career Growth of Jose Auriemo Neto

He is credited with making important decisions that have helped the organization to move fast to a highly respected business entity. He was behind the deal that saw the JSHM group join the retail business chain in 2009. He signed an agreement with Hermes, Jimmy Choo and Pucci to start the first ever retail chain owned by JSHM. He also helped the group to enter into a partnership deal with Valentino which led to the R.E.D Valentino Stores.

The Clash Between CVS And Amazon

It is not every day that you see a couple of titans of industry clash with one another. This is exactly what has been going on between CVS and Amazon though. Both have butted heads with one another as Amazon seeks to creep into CVS territory and marketshare while CVS tries to shore up their defenses against such invasion.

Healthcare information technology entrepreneur Drew Madden has been watching this all unfold very careful. He is trying to work out what the implications of these moves are going to be for all of the rest of us. The good news is that he largely sees this working out well for the consumer in the long run. He believes that it is entirely possible that both companies could find a good spot in the market and serve different customer needs.

Amazon is seeking to obtain licenses to sell pharmaceuticals over the Internet in a number of different states. Meanwhile, CVS has purchased the healthcare insurance giant Aetna. They hope to use this acquisition to have a stake in the healthcare process of a new patient from the point when they purchase insurance all the way up until they get the prescription filled (hopefully at CVS).

As another goodie for their customers, CVS is offering guaranteed next-day delivery at all of their MinuteClinic locations nationwide. That means that they can try to stay on par with one of the nicest features that Amazon has going for it. That being the fact that they can deliver so many items in just one day. CVS is trying to stay on level with that by making this own offerings via the MinuteClinic. It does seem to appeal to at least some of their customers in a lot of ways.

We are still in the early stages of this particular corporate conflict. There is no telling how it will all play out in the end. For now though, Drew Madden believes that we have all the reasons in the world to remain hopeful and optimistic that things are going to go just fine. He has followed these types of stories before, so we should trust his judgement on this one too.

Pediatric Doctor and Surgeon- Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad is a doctor by profession and has specialized in pediatric surgeon. Recently the pediatrician was interviewed and according to the interviewee they did not get an interesting story from the surgeon but they said that from the interview they were able to learn more about his children and the skill she has passed to them. The doctor had practiced medicine for 47 years before retiring, and he was asked why he chose medicine as a career. Dr. Saad said that he was born in Palestine during a trying moment of drama and rapid changes. During the time Palestinians were being forced out of Israel, and according to Dr. Saad his father was working away from home, and one day his mother was forced to move with her children to an unknown location because of insecurity.


The father would later search for his family and they relocated to Kuwait. Dr. Saad’s brothers were engineers and he admired what they were doing but after some time, he realized he could not stand the scorching sun that is why he decided he wanted to work from inside where air conditions were available. With the help of his father, he pursued a career in medicine as he fulfills the desire of his life working in an air-conditioned environment. Another big lesson learned from the pediatric surgeon is that one should never wait until tomorrow to accomplish what they want in life and what you can accomplish today, this is what has been making Dr. Saad Saad productive and successful in his career and life. Saad would later relocate to the United States of America and that is when he made a decision of becoming a US Board Certified Pediatric Surgeon. The name and the decision he made was very unpopular in the United States of America, and in the 1980’s he became the only certified pediatric surgeon who was fluent in both English and Arabic. In 1989 he had to move to Saudi Arabia where he got an opportunity to be a pediatric surgeon for a Royal family.


Dr. Saad was born in the 1940’s in an environment where political instability was being experienced. He has learned and gone through a lot in life and he has a lot he can teach his colleagues in the medical industry. In his tenure as a pediatric surgeon, Dr. Saad has had a chance to serve in different medical facilities in New Jersey. After his high school graduation, the children’s surgeon attended the University of Cairo. During his graduation from the medical school, Saad graduated with honors and he was named the second best student from his class. To the young generation, Dr. Saad said reaching their goal is not impossible if they insist. Learn more: