The Oxford Club Helps Investors Thrive in Any Market Conditions

The Oxford Club is all about helping their members find success in the complex investment world and they do this with an extraordinary range of research and products. The time-tested strategies that they employ enable members to successfully weather all market conditions and thrive. They offer an expert’s view with three different newsletters and a dozen trading services that give members a leg up in constructing a winning portfolio.

The humble origins of what came to be called The Oxford Club began in 1989 when a small group of investors banded together to search for outstanding opportunities in the marketplace. They believed that the best way to do this was through research and personal connections all of which they practice today as well.

The notion that market-beating returns and lower risk can go together may seem like a mismatch at first. This is exactly what The Oxford Club has learned how to do with their strategies and part of this is a timely exit strategy. This protects the portfolio and allows members to sleep at night knowing that plans are in place ahead of time. The question, after all, isn’t if the market will decline but when and this contingency has been fully addressed.

The Oxford Club produces three newsletters that are focused on different areas of the markets and gives members expert analysis and commentary. They highlight market trends and trading opportunities with exhaustive research that has been compiled by professionals with deep knowledge and experience.

The trading services that are available at The Oxford Club can give members the edge that they are looking for as they provide high-quality tips and insights. There are 12 of them and they cover a wide range of asset classes so every corner of the market can be potentially taken advantage of. This strategic research can help members craft extraordinary portfolios that offer exciting possibilities.

Investment U is the educational resource that is available to members of The Oxford Club and it consists of online courses, videos, and conferences among other products. This can give members an increased knowledge base to work from and help them realize their goal of financial independence quicker.

For Betsy DeVos, Education Reform is about Key People in Key Positions

In 2013, during an interview with Philanthropy that focused on school choice, Betsy DeVos explained that it would take grassroots efforts and successful advocacy to make the necessary changes in the education system for school choice. Betsy DeVos understood that for change to occur key personnel had to occupy the right office to be in a position to create change. If those key persons were not in place, then organizations need to help them get elected, write the laws, and then get them passed. Once the laws are passed, that is the beginning. For the children to benefit from them, the new laws must also be implemented.


Early in the fight school choice for children, DeVos named Florida, Louisiana, and Indiana as states where efforts to offer school choice programs were successful. Florida was cited as having the most families whose children (over 50,000) were able to select the school that they would attend because of the success of the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program. Also, Louisiana and Indiana approved school choice programs with the potential to impact almost one million students. DeVos believed these programs were made possible because the organizations that she was involved with helped get the right people elected to office. She acknowledges that education is non-partisan and needs the support of both Democrats and Republicans.


Betsy DeVos has not been shy about criticizing the traditional public school system and labeling it ineffective. According to DeVos, it is because of the failing school system that parents want better choices for their children. Where tax credits, vouchers, and education savings accounts were once considered to be radical, more people are open to looking at these items. The increased interest in school choice programs and the number of states, including the District of Columbia that have publicly funded private-choice programs, Betsy DeVos is optimistic about the future of school choice. Over 250,000 students have been offered school choice, and thousands of more students are given the opportunity each year.


Today, Betsy DeVos still considers the state of Florida to be a leader when it comes to school choice. In 2017 as the Secretary of the Department of Education, DeVos visited several schools in Miami, which included CARE Elementary School. Students of CARE Elementary School are eligible for scholarships through the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program. Under the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program, individuals and corporations that donate money to organizations that provide scholarships receive tax incentives.


Having been appointed as the Secretary of the Department of Education by President Donald Trump, Betsy DeVos is now one of those key people in the right place to create education reform.


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Hussain Sajwani: What’s Next for DAMAC Properties?

Recently, CNBC reporter, Hadley Gamble sat down to interview Hussain Sajwani. Hussain is the founder and the chairman of DAMAC Properties. DAMAC is a property development company located in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. She’s been running the company for over fifteen years, forming it in 2002.

The first question that the interviewer opened the dialect with was regarding President Donald Trump, of the United States. Hussain Sajwani has been open about her support of and affiliation with President Trump. This begged the question of whether she was concerned that as his popularity rises and falls, would her business rise and fall in stride with it.

Hussain let it be known that she felt his popularity would have no direct impact on her company. She speculates that her company’s sales were up in 2017, the first year of Donald Trump’s term. She was happy with the first of the two golf courses they’ve contracted Donald’s company to build for them and still appreciates their relationship.

There was a moment of confusion in the conversation which needed correcting by Hussain. The interviewer mis-stated that Hussain had previously stated she intended to sell fifteen percent of the company, and the question was what the price would have to be to sell that percentage. She corrected him, explaining that she had been stating that she was willing to sell some, if necessary, however not that she intended to do so.

Hussain told the interviewer her thoughts about the continued growth and future of Dubai. She also voiced optimism about her company, stating that their cashflow was strong and they’re looking to expand. They’re considering expanding into Europe, as well as North America.

Hussain is patient and tactical. The expansion would have to be timed perfect. DAMAC Properties is here to stay and will only continue to grow as long as Hussain Sajwani’s vision is seen through.

The Roots of Hussain Sajwani

People have very many misconceptions about how people made it at the top. Many individuals want to believe that the successful individuals come from well-doing families, where they were given financial support to begin and sustain their ventures to get where they are. This is used as a consolation or excuse as to why the weak are not doing well in their business or life in general.

Hussain Sajwani is a testimony of successful individuals who started from scratch and are now known worldwide for their success in business. It is worthwhile to note that the net worth of the businessman is estimated to be over $4 billion. The number is anticipated to keep rising with time. The experts say that his net worth at the time is at the right level.

Hussain Sajwani came from a humble family with hard-working parents. His father had a shop that he sold pens and watches for survival. To earn enough for the family, he had to put in long hours. In the long run, although he missed spending time with his family, he was able to sustain their needs. On the other hand, his mother used to sell fabrics and other local products to women to compliment his husband’s income.

Hussain observed the struggle and the harsh reality of making a business successful. He began visiting his father’s shop at the age of three. When he grew up, his father wanted him to take over the family business, but Sajwani wanted more than the shop, he was thirsty for his success. Fortunately, he has been able to achieve this through the DAMAC Properties.

The DAMAC Properties was founded in 2002. It is currently the leading property provider in Dubai and the Middle East. The clients are very contented with their services. Over the years, the company has provided more than 20000 families with homes and the number is still rising.

Hussain partnered with Donald Trump in 2014 to help in developing his golf investment. As a result of his intelligence and knowledge, the design of the golf club was voted the best in the world.

Sajwani is also a humanitarian and has been participating in charity events. He recently donated AED two million to cloth children.

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Ideas for Those in the Sandwich Generation

There are certain times when you have to think about your life and the life of those around you in a financial sense. As a matter of fact, for most of us that time is all the time. For those who are in the so-called “sandwich generation,” the time for preparing for the future financially is right now.


The sandwich generation includes people who are finding themselves sandwiched between helping their grown children and their aging parents with finances at the same time. They have a lot of pressure put on them to get everything done just right. Navigating between family members can be tricky without a solid financial plan.


Focus on Your Own Retirement First

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm and a place that can help you put your retirement first. As caring as it is that a person wants to help out their loved ones, the reality is that not focusing on your own retirement can have a long-term impact on your financial well-being.


Start a College Fund as Soon as Possible

The sooner that you can start a retirement fund, the sooner you can start to make inroads into having that nest egg of money ready for your children as they become students who are taking on the noble calling of going for obtaining higher education.


Understand Your Parent’s Health Situation

A lot of us would very much prefer to bury our heads in the sand when it comes to reviewing our parent’s health situation. It is a lot easier to simply pretend that everything is just fine. The reality is that aging parents probably have a lot of health issues going on. You have to be honest with yourself about this and try to do what you can to plan for increased expenses going into the future for them. These are the kind of conversations that a person can and should have to start to improve their financial situation going forward into the future.

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Why Do Experts Prefer AvaTrade Review?

Trading Forex can become a career if you have the right skills. Some Forex brokers are better than others. Why do experts prefer an AvaTrade Review?


Forex Leader: AvaTrade

On the River Liffey, Dublin banking pros established AvaTrade in 2006. They wanted to make global assets available for traders around the world. Now, more than 200,000 members prefer this Forex broker.


With a minimum deposit of USD$250, men and women can get started at AvaTrade. This broker has the Financial Services Provider #45984 in South Africa. People tend to trust regulated brokers more than others.


There are a wide variety of assets to trade, including fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, indices and ETFs at AvaTrade. This broker added Bitcoin earlier than others. You can even trade Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Monero, Neo and Ripple at AvaTrade.


The fiat currencies include major, minor and exotic pairs. The corporate shares are from England, America, Germany and Japan. The commodities are agriculture, energy and metals. Mix and match to stay interested.


Expert PlugIns

Professional traders can use their favorite plugins, such as ZuluTrade or RoboX with AvaTrade. AvaTrade has even made its API available to computer programmers. You can customize your trades at this broker.


An objective AvaTrade Review found a popular broker that offers its members the opportunity to make money anytime. They can hedge, scalp or use leverage to make their money.


Multiple Awards

AvaTrade customer service is primarily in European languages, such as English and Greek. Broker Trades gave AvaTrade an AAA rating. You can choose to deposit or withdraw money using credit cards, bank transfer, PayPal, Payoneer or Neteller. You can get a Welcome Bonus and Referral Bonus at this broker too.


AvaTrade has also won FX Empire awards for excellence from 2013 to 2016. This AvaTrade Review concluded that experts like the reliability, variety and customizable features of this industry-leading broker. Experts know what to expect at AvaTrade.

Ryan Seacrest Amazes with New Clothing Line!

Man about Hollywood, Ryan Seacrest, has amazed the fashion space with his new line Ryan Seacrest Distinction. The tailored men’s collection is easy and creative. It effortlessly allows the simplest of dressers to put a polished look together. He has included a ‘Style Made Smart’ apparel system where separates can be mixed and matched for color pairing. The collection utilizes fine textures, vivacious patterns, and electric hues. The brand includes suit separates, activewear, accessories, and outerwear. His line is fun, innovative, and stylish. It takes you from the boardroom to an enjoyable night out. You can look like a million bucks without being a knowledgeable fashion enthusiast!


Being a very active person in the world of Hollywood and beyond, Mr. Seacrest invented the high-end men’s collection to appeal to all men, placing special emphasis on men who are extremely busy. His prices are reasonable and the items can be purchased exclusively at Macy’s. The American Idol host has established a great working relationship with the retail titan and he holds firm to his loyalty their. The brand is daring with classic undertones. It is an attention getter in comparison to the department store’s standing labels. The brand renders a particular je’ ne’ sais quoi. Macy’s have stocked more than 100 stores nationwide with Mr. Seacrest’s collection. The brand is getting notoriety and attention, its largest demographic is within the twenty-five-year-old male category. This is a twist to the store’s long-standing tradition of women buyers.


Mr. Seacrest, the host of the daily radio program, ‘On Air with Ryan Seacrest’, is excited about his new brand. He keeps busy with radio hosting via KIIS-FM, one of Los Angeles’ top 40 stations in addition to hosting the new Live with Kelly and Ryan talk show. Both platforms are located in different regions of the country. The mega host has quite a bit going on, in a great way! He pushes his clothing line forward at every opportunity. Currently, the menswear line solidly sells $50 million annually. This is quite an amazing feat for Mr. Seacrest’s new collection!

Securus Technologies removes key tool from prison gang arsenal

Throughout the United States prison system, one of the most enduring and unique challenges that guards and administrators of the nation’s carceral institutions have had to face has been the threat posed by organized criminal gangs. Prison gangs are a nearly universal feature throughout most of the high-security penal complexes in the country. The reasons for the presence of these gangs are multifold. But it has largely been determined that allowing them to persist, while keeping a strong check on their worst excesses, is the least of all evils in running the nation’s prisons. Therefore, prison gangs like the Aryan Brotherhood, the Black Guerilla Family and the Mexican Mafia are unlikely to be going anywhere any time soon.


But the presence of these gangs has meant that prisons guards and administrators have often faced serious and difficult challenges in maintaining order and security in the nation’s prisons and jails. One of the most serious threats to have emerged over the last 20 years has been the proliferation of contraband cellphones throughout the prison system. Starting in the late 90s, cellphones reached a level of miniaturization and low price that enabled them to be bought for just a few dollars and then easily smuggled into the country’s corrections institutions.


This posed a serious enough threat just based on the ability of inmates to completely circumvent the secure prison communications systems, thereby making illegal calls and potentially furthering criminal conspiracies. But the real existential threat to the country’s prison system came from the phones falling into the hands of gang leaders.


Unlike the ragtag street gangs of wannabe thugs engaging in petty crime that many people think of when they hear about gang activity, prison gangs are more resembling of an old-style Mafia family. Far from young punks, prison gang leaders are often highly intelligent, well-read and as ruthless as the most famous Mafia figures. Prison gangs are usually modeled on a military-style hierarchy, requiring their members to maintain certain levels of physical fitness and combat readiness. And unlike street gangs, who frequently engage in pointless fighting and undisciplined violence, prison gangs typically have one singular goal: maximizing profits.


These things mean that prisons gangs often act more like highly efficient corporations than loose bands of hoodlums. This can make them supremely dangerous to the safety of penal institutions and the public. Prison gangs have been known to use cellphones to order the intimidation of witnesses, to threaten prosecutors and law enforcement and to murder prison staff.


Now, Securus Technologies is working to spread adoption of its Wireless Containment System, a device capable of shutting down nearly 100 percent of illegal cellular calls from inside prisons. Securus says that its WCS has the potential to permanently remove illegal cellphones from the toolkit of ruthless criminal gangs.