Fagali’I Airport

Previously run by Polynesian airlines and the Samoan government, Fagali’I airport is a public airport in Fagali’I, Samoa. The airport has no FAA code, but it does have JATA code and an ICAO code. The JATA code is FGI, and the ICAO code is NSFI.

For a long time, the Fagali’I airport was simply Fagali’I grass strip– a basic strip of grass for planes to land on. On July 6th of 2002, Fagali’I airport was reopened after being remodeled and paved. Then, in January of 2005, it was closed due to safety concerns.

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Samoa is located in the middle of the pacific ocean, between Australia and South America. The closest well known neighbors of Fagali’I are Fiji and French Polynesia according to cheapflights.com. Travelers like to come to the tropical island for its blue waters, hikes, and the heat. Hotels in the area range from around thirty five dollars to around two hundred dollars per night. The island is extremely small, so most hotels are within a mile and a half of the airport. Most cities, even major ones, in the United states will not have flights to Samoa. The easiest way to get there is by booking a flight to Hawaii, and flying to Fagali’I airport from there. Another way to get there is by booking a flight to Tahiti, and then flying to Fagali’I from Tahiti. Airlines that operate out of Fagali’I are Polynesian airlines, Samoa Air, South Pacific Island airways, and Talofa Airlines. Due to the length of time it takes to get to Fagali’I, many people make a stop somewhere else and end up having two trips in one.

However you may choose to get to Fagali’I and its airport, the beautiful Island will not disappoint you. With pristine waters and warm temperatures, the long flight is well worth it.

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