Doe Deere’s success in Her Makeup

Doe Deere is known as the beautiful “Unicorn Queen” of the makeup industry. She aspires to be different and to create products that everyone can love and enjoy. She launched her own makeup company in 2008, and called it “Lime Crime.” She was the very first female entrepreneur in 2008 to be successful in having an online company. She lives in Los Angeles, California where the magic of her makeup production takes place. Lime Crime has several different products such as, eye shadow pallets, highlighter, loose pigments, nail polish, matte lipstick, chrome lipstick, glittery lip gloss, colorful liquid liners, semi permanent hair dye, makeup brushes, and so much more.


Lime Crimes products are cruelty free and are certified vegan. Doe chose a unicorn as the mascot for “Lime Crime,” which is to represent creativity and the equality of all creatures. She always loved makeup and fairytales, so she added them together and created unique products.


In 2008 she launched Lime Crime. In order to promote her makeup, she made makeup tutorials and she used her own makeup in them. She also did giveaways and promoted her products on her blog. Then, by 2009, the success started weighing in and only propelled. Now, Lime Crime has over three million followers on Instagram and has gained a substantial amount of loyal customers.


Doe was born in Russia, but moved to New York when she was seventeen to pursue a career in fashion and design. She also joined a band while she was in New York, and that is also where she met her former husband. She also made her own clothing line called ‘Lime Crime’ and sold it on eBay. She always wanted bold colored makeup to match her outfits, but she could never find the colors she needed, so she made them. In making them, she realized that she really had a love and passion for creating her own makeup, and this is how her adventure began. She found her true passion and love for creating makeup and she has pursued it since then.


You can really see her love for fantasies and fairytales flow through her work. Each of her products have a unique name and the colors are bold and unique. In the future, Doe plans on furthering her dreams and her wildest fantasies by creating more outstanding products for everyone to enjoy.


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