Securus Technologies and One of Its Most Transformative Decisions To Improve Their Solutions

There are plenty of ways today to help the challenges met by those who work in corrections facilities. One of the leading and innovative companies today that deal with these issues is Securus Technologies, and right now, this group has been doing its best just to make sure that it can answer the questions raised by those who manage the jail offices.


The Acquisition of GovPayNet


One of the latest news we can hear about Securus Technologies involves the acquisition decision it made when they planned to take hold of GovPayNet. With this remarkable decision, the company can expand its platform to increase its future potentials and goals.


This is even more exciting knowing that Securus Technologies is already a leading provider of the necessary technology for prisons, and with the addition of GovPayNet, they can surely embolden their law enforcement tools, public safety tools, and government payment systems to bring about the answers to the needs of their government clients.


What Is GovPayNet?


What you probably forgot about GovPayNet is the fact that it is right now one of the leaders in the industry that offer specific solutions to the processing of credit and debit card payments in government agencies. With its platform to provide payment processing services for court fines and cash bail, many people involved in court cases could save more time and find more recourse in their problems.


Right now there are about 2,300 agencies across 35 states that enjoy the services of GovPayNet, and because of its merge with Securus Technologies, more than 26% of all the U.S. counties today will now have a chance to enjoy more of their services.


The Merge


Securus Technologies is right now one of the highly rated companies today by the and the fact that it is now a bigger platform with GovPayNet’s involvement, there’s still a lot of reasons for Americans to be hopeful regarding their current problems with the way they handle payments involving their court cases.


Indeed, one of the most transformative and instrumental decisions that have been made by Securus to evolve their products is this GovPayNet acquisition.


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