Securus Technologies and One of Its Most Transformative Decisions To Improve Their Solutions

There are plenty of ways today to help the challenges met by those who work in corrections facilities. One of the leading and innovative companies today that deal with these issues is Securus Technologies, and right now, this group has been doing its best just to make sure that it can answer the questions raised by those who manage the jail offices.


The Acquisition of GovPayNet


One of the latest news we can hear about Securus Technologies involves the acquisition decision it made when they planned to take hold of GovPayNet. With this remarkable decision, the company can expand its platform to increase its future potentials and goals.


This is even more exciting knowing that Securus Technologies is already a leading provider of the necessary technology for prisons, and with the addition of GovPayNet, they can surely embolden their law enforcement tools, public safety tools, and government payment systems to bring about the answers to the needs of their government clients.


What Is GovPayNet?


What you probably forgot about GovPayNet is the fact that it is right now one of the leaders in the industry that offer specific solutions to the processing of credit and debit card payments in government agencies. With its platform to provide payment processing services for court fines and cash bail, many people involved in court cases could save more time and find more recourse in their problems.


Right now there are about 2,300 agencies across 35 states that enjoy the services of GovPayNet, and because of its merge with Securus Technologies, more than 26% of all the U.S. counties today will now have a chance to enjoy more of their services.


The Merge


Securus Technologies is right now one of the highly rated companies today by the and the fact that it is now a bigger platform with GovPayNet’s involvement, there’s still a lot of reasons for Americans to be hopeful regarding their current problems with the way they handle payments involving their court cases.


Indeed, one of the most transformative and instrumental decisions that have been made by Securus to evolve their products is this GovPayNet acquisition.


Daniel Taub’s Bridge of Cooperation

Daniel Taub has become recognized as one of the most successful and popular in the UK’s list of envoys from Israel. Perhaps this is in part because they can claim him to some extent as their own.

Taub’s early life was spent in the UK, and his higher education includes degrees from institutions such as Oxford and Harvard.

In 1989 Taub gave up his UK citizenship to immigrate to Israel, where the Orthodox Jew desired to raise his family. Taub’s expertise in international law, with a specialization in laws of war and counter-terrorism, enabled him to serve in various legal capacities in the government.

As a member of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, he served in both political and diplomatic positions.

As Ambassador to the Court of St. James from 2011-2015, one of Taub’s goals was to bring the two countries closer together, and the evidence reveals the great extent of his success.

Taub recognized the UK as a center of world media and finance, as well as a major player in Europe’s stability. Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

Daniel Taub sees the faith in his life as one way to build bridges. This became evident at his first meeting with the Queen when Taub, donning his traditional kippah, presented his credentials and recited the blessing appropriate for meeting a monarch. Taub took many opportunities to build strong relations between Israel and the UK.

He brought Israel’s point of view not only to the government but also to the media through many television and radio interviews and through meetings with businessmen and women, members of academia and participants in joint research. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

Even in the midst of crises such as Gaza, ISIS and continued unrest with Iran, Taub strove to thoughtfully present where the Israeli people and leadership stood, turning the emphasis to common interests such as trade and technology.

The results were a phenomenal increase in bilateral trade as well as a nomination as Grassroot Diplomat from the UK.

Daniel Taub likes to see the bright side, pointing to the ongoing peace agreements with Egypt, Jordan, the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia.

He recognizes future challenges to build and nurture relations with those governments which are quietly supportive of Israel. He also recognizes the vacuum in the fight against antisemitism.

Since leaving his position as Ambassador to the UK, Taub continues to write on Israel and the Middle East for many worldwide publications.

Jim Larkin

James Larkin was an Irish labor leader who not only fought for human rights but also ensured that workers are paid well. He was born on 21 January 1876 in Liverpool England. James Larkin’s quest for good working conditions and fair wages made him form the Irish Transport and General Workers Union (ITGWU) which later turned out to be one of the region’s largest trade union.

His main objective of forming the union was to bring workers from across England and Europe to defend their rights. As a consequence, he earned himself friends and foes in equal measures.

The formation of ITGWU marked the beginning of Irish labor movements. At this point, very few workers were part of the Union neither were they willing to join. In Dublin, most people especially the activists felt neglected and therefore needed a movement in which they could have a sense of belonging.

Jim Larkin’s role at ITGWU played a great part in putting the labor movement into the international map. He considered labor as international and therefore he wanted to ensure that the right of every worker is adhered to.

In 1913, Jim Larking organized the mother of all strikes which came to be known as the Dublin Lockout. Over 100,000 workers responded to his call to down their tools and demand for better pay and working conditions. The strike lasted for almost eight months hence forcing the government to bow down to their pressure and increase wages of all employees. The strike forced Larkin to flee to the United States for some time. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

While in the United States, Jim Larking continued with his onslaught against oppressive labor laws as well as poor working conditions. He gave lectures in various Universities and encouraged students to always fight for their rights as workers and citizens.

However, his mission did not augur well with some elements in the government which led to his deportation back to England.

In a nutshell, Jim Larkin is one of the greatest union leaders and activists of the 20th century. His pursuit for better working conditions and good pay for workers led to major reforms in the labor sector not only in the United States but the entire world.