Will Whitney Wolfe Herd Manage To Make Bumble Even Bigger?

It’s one thing to make a million dollar company. You can see examples of this challenging yet feasible feat every day in the tech industry. What you see much less often is these companies turn themselves into billion dollar monsters dominating their specific market. It’s hard to do that but Whitney Wolfe Herd is trying to do just that with Bumble. She wants the app to turn into something that it’s rivals won’t even be able to recognize much less challenge. Bumble is currently the fastest growing dating app, but it’s quickly looking for a way to move beyond into new territory. That’s not going to be easy but then again Whitney Wolfe Herd isn’t someone to back down.

Bumble made itself an overnight success by making sure that women were always the ones to make the first move. When you decide to give women the power in a dating app, it changes just about everything that makes the app what it is. Wolfe is a feminist and she wants to make sure that her business reflects this aspect of her to the fullest degree possible. That just so happens to mean that she will have her business a model that empowers women. Give the success of the app it seems that this approach works and more

When you have a successful dating app you can rest, but she doesn’t want to do this. Instead, she seeks to find ways to make sure that her app is more than a place to hookup. She wants it to play a role in different aspects of people’s lives. You can also use Bumble as a social media platform with Bumble BFF and you can even make career connections with Bumble Bizz. This separates it from other apps in that it services as a place to do just all of the things we use social apps for.

Whitney Wolfe Herd is already one of the most successful entrepreneurs in tech, but she wants to make herself so much more successful. She understands that she has the ability to do something truly amazing with her talent and she understands how empires are built. People are definitely going to be looking back at what she’s done here with amazement. We’ve clearly witnessed the birth of something completely unlike what has come before it. Now, we just need to see who else wants to enjoy it for what it’s worth.

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