How To Invest In Wine Through UKV PLC

United Kingdom Vintners, or UKV PLC, is one of the premier wine consulting and procuring companies in the United Kingdom. Their small team has a wealth of experience in fine wines that are bought for both consumption as well as for investing in. They are able to provide their clients with a vast array of wine as they have a wide network of suppliers that provide them with wine including merchants, brokers, and traders.

There are two ways to obtain fine wines through UKV PLC. The first way is by visiting their trading floor in London where wine can be both bought and sold. The other way is by arranging a private meeting with one of their wine consultants which can take place either at UKV PLC’s offices or at the client’s home.

The types of wine that UKV PLC specializes in are those from France, Spain, and Italy. Additionally, they offer a wine storage solution as they have an established relationship with London City Bond, a company that was founded in 1870. Through this company, UKV PLC can offer their clients a controlled climate that is kept at optimal conditions for long-term wine storage. As the wine ages, it gains in value as it becomes increasingly rare which leads to this being a great alternative type of investment.

UKV PLC maintains a lively Facebook page which is updated daily with information about wine. They link to a wide variety of articles about wine including how to drink it and how to properly store it. They also link to articles extolling the health benefits of drinking a moderate amount of wine as it has shown to be very good for your heart and cardiovascular system.

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