Fabletics Closing in on Amazon

Fabletics, the women’s sportswear company which was started online with one of its founders being actress Kate Hudson, continues to enjoy remarkable success ever since the company launched in 2013.


Now the question may be whether Fabletics can even challenge e-commerce giant Amazon in the world of fashion and women’s apparel.


As of late 2016, Amazon had an estimated 20 percent share of the online fashion market. However, Fabletics has been rapidly rising into a $250 million company in a span of three years to the point where it now has roughly 30 brick-and-mortar stores across the U.S. Fabletics has since introduced a men’s line and has added dresses and swimsuit options for its women’s clothing line.


Hudson originally founded Fabletics along with Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler to provide an affordable and recyclable alternative for women in the sportswear market. The idea was to provide comfortable attire to allow a woman to both work out and go through everyday life in. To begin the business, Fabletics offered its clothing line through an online subscription. Members could pay a membership fee to get monthly new attire sent to them or simply shop online. Even if they skip a month, the monthly fee ends up becoming store credit, allowing them a chance to purchase other items at a later date.


Since starting online, Fabletics has acquired roughly a million subscribers. Many are drawn to its lower prices and everyday value though it doesn’t hurt to have pitchperson such as Hudson herself modeling many of the company’s latest options.


The online success led the company to open 18 actual stores across the country in late 2015. Fabletics is planning on opening 12 more stores in 2017.


The combination of online and store membership along with apparel convenience has propelled Fabletics into a growing brand across the U.S. In doing so, the company may have altered how high-end fashion brands are viewed. It is now more affordable and convenient to acquire quality women’s sportswear. Customer support, brand names, and unique designs are becoming more important.


Fabletics’ unique business model is often referred to as “reverse showrooming.” Instead of losing customers who surf their store online and then buy a cheaper version at another site, many of Fabletics’ store customers are also their online members. For the company, as long as the consumers are buying their products, it doesn’t matter if it is online or in-store.


Toss in quick purchasing routes, easy online access, and its membership program, then it is easy to see why Fabletics is doing so well. It is why online reviews are generally positive about the company, its products, and its marketing and selling model.


Their supporters and members are women who are looking to acquire new sports attire in more health and fit-conscious world. They enjoy the solid quality-per-price ratio that Fabletics offers and innovative clothing design. While the customer support and the access are still works in progress, women who show some patience are willing to stick with the brand because the positives outweigh the negatives.

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